Warehouse logistics in Kaliningrad

Novik Group of Companies provides a wide range of warehouse logistics services in Kaliningrad, having its own infrastructure and high competencies

>100 000 m2storage facilities>117 000pallet places
13 thousand m2offices3warehouse complex

Our services

01 Rent
The rental service guarantees:
  • A high degree of control, the Tenant can organize business processes in accordance with own standards;
  • Mobility. The tenant has the right to terminate the contract and rent a new building in another location or to refuse warehouse completely if business conditions have changed;
  • Low running costs - no need to maintain the building.
At the same time, the Lessor provides:
  • 24/7 security video surveillance
  • Support for the functioning of all engineering systems, incl. temperature and humidity level;
  • Fire safety, fire extinguishing functionality;
  • Access to warehouse for the Tenant and authorized persons.
02 Responsible storage

Responsible storage is a complex warehouse service related to unloading, sorting, acceptance, placement in a storage cell, picking and loading. 

Benefits of the custody service: 

  • Optimization of expenses for rent and staff salaries;

  • Competent warehouse handling of goods (experienced personnel, address storage, WMS warehouse management system);

  • Availability of convenient equipment and suitable material base: racks, cargo trolleys, loading and unloading equipment;

  • 24-hour video surveillance, burglar alarms, full fire safety conditions, temperature and humidity control.

03 Delivery
The service of prompt delivery in the city and region by our own low-tonnage transport, both one-time and according to the approved schedule.
04 Additional services
Additional services:
  • Office rental (office systems / Open-Space);
  • Marking/sticking, including  alcohol products;
  • Customs clearance;
  • TSW.

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The company provides comprehensive services from the provision of warehouse rental with round-the-clock support for the operation of all engineering systems to customs clearance and cargo labeling


  • 18 years on the market
  • Leading logistics operator in the region
  • Company with Russian capital
  • Automatic, sprinkler fire extinguishing system
  • Multilevel security alarm and video surveillance system
  • Autonomous gas boilers

  • Convenient location near major highways, 10 minutes drive from the city center
  • Minimum (less than 0.5 km) distance from the Ring Road
  • Safe access roads
  • Necessary material base - racks, loading and unloading equipment, vehicles
  • Experienced qualified staff
  • WMS warehouse management system, address storage

Warehouse addresses

Kamskaya, 62
Телефон:+7 (4012) 56-04-40
Площадь:40 000 m2
График работы:Mon-Sun
Время работы:8:30 -19:30
Класс объекта:A
Pechatnaya, 56
Телефон:+7 (4012) 37-61-26
Площадь:25 000 m2
График работы:Mon-Fri
Время работы:8:30 -16:30
Класс объекта:B+
4th Bolshaya Okruzhnaya, 102
Телефон:+7 (4012) 33-10-77
Площадь:30 000 m2
График работы:Mon-Fri
Время работы:9:30 -17:30
Класс объекта:B+

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