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«Novik» in figures

The company is formed, resident status of the SEZ
> 1 billion
Revenue per year
100 000
Transportations per year
Transport units
Own containers
100 000 m²
Safe custody areas
60 hectares
container terminal including storage warehouse and customs post

«Novik» today

For more than 15 years, «Novik» Group of Companies has been the leader in the logistics market in the Kaliningrad region, providing a full range of logistics services.

Increasing the cargo turnover in the region is one of the main goals of the company.

We have all the necessary infrastructure and highly qualified specialists to carry out complex cargo handling.

Thus, at the TLC "Chernyakhovsk" there is a possibility of using the technology not only for reloading from a 1520 mm rail gauge to a 1435 mm rail gauge, but also for carrying out work through the terminal with the possibility of warehousing, forming new batches, using road and sea transportation. At the same time, it is possible to organize a multimodal transportation of goods from Chernyakhovsk by rail to the port and further by feeder ships. There is overloading according to the options: carriage - carriage, carriage - car, carriage - door. The production capacity of the center reaches 200 thousand TEU.

The Chernyakhovsky customs station and the temporary storage warehouse of «Novik» group of companies are located in one together, which, of course, is an advantage. The TLC concept is designed to optimize the transport and logistics costs of importers by concentrating road, railroad transport and a customs warehouse on one site.

Thus, the attraction of the freight traffic to the railway network occurs in the following directions:

  • Chernyakhovsk - Moscow (regular container trains to the TLC "Bely Rast");
  • China - Europe (transit routes under «the Belt and Road» Initiative);
  • Europe - Central Russia (weekly container trains from Italy and West Germany via Chernyakhovsk - TLC "Bely Rast").

We also offer services for safekeeping, labeling, packaging of goods, registration of documents for import / export at a customs warehouse in Kaliningrad. The Yantar Labeling Center was organized with the aim of switching over to Kaliningrad region the flow of goods labeled mainly in the Baltic countries. The planned capacity of the center can be up to 6 trucks / containers daily. In the future, the center will produce up to 10 million markings annually.

«Novik» is the owner of a container fleet (more than 2500 high-pallet containers High Cube), the capacity of the vehicle fleet is more than 400 constantly updated transport units.

16 years
in the field of cargo transportation
100 thousand
transported containers
230 employees
company staff

We transport

Metal constructions
chemical industry
wood and lumber
Construction materials
Common consumption goods

TLC «Chernyakhovsk»

Regular railway service of container trains
  • Zilina (Slovakia) ⟷ Chernyakhovsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region)
  • Ostrava (Czech Republic) ⟷ Chernyakhovsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region)
  • Bely Rast (Russia, Moscow region) ⟷ Chernyakhovsk (Russia, Kaliningrad region)
Possibility of reloading from wagons of 1520 mm gauge to wagons of 1435 mm gauge
Development of logistic schemes "door to door"
Formation of shipping documents
Full information service
  • Monitoring the movement of wagons, notification of downtime and train coming
  • Planning, payment of station tolls and fines, rail freight charges

TLC «Chernyakhovsk» is:

35 hectares
total terminal area
22 000 sq.m.
temporary storage area
4000 TEU
terminal capacity