Fixed date, frequency and stable price

A new project of rail freight
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TLC Chernyakhovsk
TLC Bely Rast
TLC Chernyakhovsk

Kaliningrad — Moscow — Kaliningrad

TLC Chernyakhovsk — TLC Bely Rast — TLC Chernyakhovsk
We offer to evaluate the advantages of an accelerated regular container train as part of thirty-one 80-foot platforms (62 new 40-foot containers accordingly) on a circular route with weekly shipments
3 days
Transit time

TLC Rail Hub Milano
TLC Chernyakhovsk
TLC Bely Rast

Milan Kaliningrad Moscow

TLC Rail Hub Milano – TLC Chernyakhovsk — TLC Bely Rast
The train of the company's 38 new 40-foot containers operates on the routes: Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region — Melzo, Italy (12 km from Milan); Bely Rast, Moscow region — Melzo, Italy. The service is provided regularly on a weekly basis.
7–14 days
Transit time
7 days one way
7 days one way

The value of the service for the Kaliningrad region

The service will strengthen the transit potential of the Kaliningrad region, and will not only increase the volume of rail freight, but also unload road traffic, and reduce the impact of heavy vehicles on the road infrastructure and the environment.

TLC Bely Rast
TLC Chernyakhovsk

China — Moscow — Kaliningard

Qingdao – TLC Bely Rast  – TLC Chernyakhovsk 
The inclusion of Chinese containers in trains running between Bely Rast and Chernyakhovsk makes it possible to deliver products to the region in the shortest possible time compared to road transportation (no more than 2.5 days from Moscow)

The container shipping project guarantees

  • High speed of delivery at a fixed price (the price won’t be changed until the end of the year)
  • Regular weekly shipments in new own containers of the company
  • Ample opportunities for the transportation of heavy cargo (up to 25 tons)
  • Higher level of cargo safety
  • Delivery on time, regardless of queues at the border
  • Terminal services at TLC Chernyakhovsk / TLC Bely Rast / TLC Rail Hub Milano
  • Rail transportation tariff

Transportation of vehicles

High reliability of vehicle fastening
all our containers are equipped with a professional vehicle fixation system
Easy and fast loading
it is very convenient to move the sealed container to road or river transport (reducing the time and cost of delivery)
The maximum level of protection against negative external influences
all kinds of road risks when transporting a car in a container are minimized
Fixed delivery dates
simplified transit procedures at the border allow you to guarantee the delivery of your car without delay and on time
Immunity of the vehicle throughout the entire route
the container is sealed and opened at the end point in the presence of the customer (or his authorized representative)

Reliable fastening of a vehicle in a container

Our 40 'High Cube containers are equipped with a secure vehicle securing system

Two vehicles are installed and fixed on overhead frames at an angle of approximately 30 degrees to the horizontal, two more - on the floor of the container.
The fastening is carried out by experienced staff - the whole process takes no more than 30 minutes..
The use of precisely sized clamps eliminates the possibility of the vehicle moving inside the container, even with significant swinging of the platform..
The set of system equipment includes vertical racks with ramps, load chains and cables, soft slings for fixing the car in the container..

In the price are already included

  • Free storage of a loaded container while waiting for shipments up to 7 days
  • Terminal services upon arrival of the container at the terminal in Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region / on departure from the terminal of the Moscow region
  • Truck hauling to the address in Kaliningrad (delivery in the region is charged separately)
Providing a full range of services and optimal tariffs for the rail freight, we guarantee that cooperation with us will be effective and reliable.

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First and last miles

With a door-to-door delivery system, the car is transported from the sender's warehouse to the final destination (recipient's warehouse) by our company

We take responsibility

for the process of delivery and safety of the cargo from the moment the car is received from the sender until the moment it is handed over to the consignee, including loading and unloading operations

No need to look for additional contractors for multimodal transportation

We will develop an optimal logistic scheme that will reduce the delivery time.

No need to complete the necessary documentation yourself

We will prepare bills of lading and waybills.

We will provide a closed tow truck / car transporter

For the implementation of auto delivery on the first mile in Moscow

Storage, consolidation and customs clearance

If necessary, we will provide services for storage and consolidation of cargo, as well as customs clearance.

Current routes

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